A Beginner's Guide to Fashion Photography

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Jeff Rojas covers the fundamentals of the business of fashion photography. This 68 Page EBook (PDF) will not only guide you through the core essentials of how to break into fashion photography (i.e., establishing a team, how to contact modeling agencies, how to get published, etc.) but also provide you with a list of publications that accept submissions.

Product Details

Topics Covered:

  • Building a Team.
  • What to Look for Before Working with a Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Wardrobe Stylist or Model.
  • How to Find a Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Wardrobe Stylist or Model.
  • What Makes a Good Model.
  • How to Work With Agency Models.
  • Where Can you Find Models?
  • Introduction to Model Release Forms.
  • How to Get Your Work Published.
  • Submissions vs. Commissions.
  • A List of 55+ Magazines that Accept Submissions, including contact information. (Updated 2019)
  • How to Efficiently Set Up a Photoshoot.
  • Fashion Photoshoot Workflow.
  • Delivering Your images.

You Will Receive:

EBook: PDF EBook download.

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