Photographer's Guide to Posing and Styling Men Pack

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Styling. Posing. Learn how the two are inherent in creating the perfect image. In this 48-page pack, you’ll explore new depths in your photography to deliver not only captivating images but photos that have the power to tell a story; without ever needing a caption.  

*This pack includes the Photographer's Posing Guide for Men and the Photographer's Styling Guide for Men at a discounted price for the pair.


Photographer's Posing Guide for Men (PDF)

Fierce. Docile. Intimidating. Melancholy. In this 38-page guide, you’ll learn how the intricacies of posing dictate what kind of story a photograph tells. A variety of sitting poses, laying poses and hand poses are provided for study along with camera settings. This is a digital download and is in PDF format. The guide includes 35 poses.


Photographer's Styling Guide For Men (PDF)

What does your suit say about you? In this 10-page guide, Jeff covers the importance of the classic suit and how a good tailor can make a world of difference as to the desired outcome of a shoot.  


*Note that most of this information can be found in Photographing Men (ISBN-13: 978-0134433059)

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